The Show

With 25 years of experience, Aracaladanza, directed by Enrique Cabrera, is a benchmark in the creation of shows for children and young people that also seduce adults.

In its new work, Loop, the company starts with the idea of the game to develop its fascinating universe, in which the magic created with choreography, light, costumes and scenery transforms reality.

What remains of a performance after the applause ends, just as the curtain falls? What is left when just a light illuminates a space? And when there is no one left in the stalls, who picks up and tidies the stage?

What is an empty stage like?

Aracaladanza tries to answer all these questions through a stage that is presented as a blank canvas, and where the main idea is to create a piece of theatre within the theatre, and dance within dance; a metatheatrical game, Aracaladanza’s trademark.

The show is here as part of FRESCA! so we can include the whole family as much as possible, without losing sight of the adult who wants to dream forever.