Wednesday 6th July


Free Entry – Rambla Méndez Núñez, 1



Gestural Theatre

30 minutes


The Show

Los Mañas are in Alicante. They come equipped with everything needed to repair whatever is broken. A lifetime dedicated to maintenance and troubleshooting has made them true “handymen”, professionals. An infallible duo forged over the years of a trade they wield with pride. MacGyver at his side is quite an amateur.

Los Mañas offer an absurd humour full of stumbles, moments of magic, witty choreography, and scenes full of tenderness, all created for the enjoyment of the public. Now go outside and look for them. You can find them everywhere, doing their thing.

Artistic Credits

Director: Lucas Escobedo
Performers: Lucas Escobedo, Esther D’Andrea
Mask Construction: Iria Roibás Estev



20 minutes


The Show

ENTRE NOSOTROS: Every interpersonal relationship carries with it an additional weight, the responsibility of treating that person well, taking care of them, being able to argue and knowing how to reconcile. The path that leads us to magical and sometimes bitter moments. But every relationship ends because the paths fork or simply come to an end; however, there will always be something between us.

MARROCH is a contemporary dance company founded by Salvador Rocher, María Palazón and Melodía García: three dancers who intend to show the fusion of different languages of movement to reach all kinds of audiences. Marroch is an emerging company from Alicante, young, fresh, dynamic and constant, with many dreams and aspirations, which aims to generate emotions and transport the viewer to another place. To the place where the  inspiration to create shows is born.

Artistic Credits

Director, Coreography and Performers: Salvador Rocher, Melodía García
Music: Max Richter, Beauty Beats, Pink Floyd



15 minutes


The Show

HIIT is a piece inspired by the cardiovascular training strategy that consists of alternating short periods of high intensity anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. HIIT is not just a dance performance; it is a powerful sensory experience that transcends the bodies of the performers and goes through each viewer in a unique, personal and transformative way. HIIT is speed, fatigue, vulnerability, power and despondency.

EYAS DANCE PROJECT is a contemporary dance company founded in Spain in 2018 and co-directed by choreographers and dancers Carlos González and Seth Buckley. Since its foundation, the company has performed in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Taiwan and Sweden. They have participated in and received various awards in prestigious choreographic competitions such as the Internationales Solo Tanz Theatre Festival Stuttgart, MASDANZA, Tetuán Choreographic Competition and the Madrid Choreographic Competition.

Artistic Credits

Director & Choreography: Carlos González y Seth Buckley
Dancers: Paula Montoya, Sybila Gutiérrez, Cristina Reolid y Seth Buckley
Music and Video Editing: Carlos González