The Show

Bürstner’s Club is a journey through the contemporary circus. It takes its inspiration from the communal life characteristic of travelling circus companies that still travel the world in the traditional way. There, among the circus tents and caravans, small groups of people face the good and the hardships of life all together, as a family.

The action begins in what appears to be a vacant lot with dreamlike overtones: a car and a caravan delimit the scenic space in a large central corridor. In the same scene and on both sides sits the public who is invited to live an immersive experience with a close and privileged view of the artists. Circus acts are intertwined with everyday scenes of unexpected consequences, hinting that not all is as it seems at Bürstner’s Club.

Seven characters, through various techniques typical of the circus, such as ribbons, ropes, “acroportes”, “icario games”, juggling, balance, carried out with great technical rigour, together with dance, theatre, opera and the surrealist absurdity of the clown, make us part of their concerns, the fear of loneliness, the anguish in the face of emptiness, the complexity of couple relationships, the sensation of tiptoeing through life, and how, from the infinite sharing of moments together, they come to understand each other, accept each other, and strengthen what unites them from their differences. Reconcile with life, his own life.

Although this show is presented on the FRESCORETA! stage, it’s scheduled to start late, as the show is aimed at adult audiences.