If a peanut falls into a pool, does it stop being a nut? Pharmacists, are they going full throttle?

One day, when Jordi (that’s his real name) came home, he told his father that he wanted to be a clown. His father told him that when he got off from work, he could do whatever he wanted. And that’s what he did: get out of work. Since then, he has been a carrier, carrying sets from here to there and when he finishes, he acts as a clown.

Bilelula is the modern adaptation of Libèlul·la, a show that was performed inside a tent for 50 people. How we are going to see it is not very important. Toti shows us an emotion, a sound, a way of understanding life. And if a small laugh escapes from the corner of the mouth, at that precise moment… Bilelula takes all its meaning.

A tribute to the figure of Alexander Calder who, without his knowing it, has inspired part of this show.