The Show

Bianco su Bianco tells the story of Ruggero and Elena, of the boy’s difficult childhood, of the strength of a friendship that allows them to get through the storm, and of love, that link as magical as it is mysterious, which will support both while they climb one of the highest peaks.

Since its world premiere in Bellinzona (Switzerland) in 2014, the show has had more than 171 performances with more than 38,500 spectators in 48 different cities; in Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Ecuador, France, Chile, Russia, Romania, Uruguay, Brazil, Finland, Tunisia and Denmark.

Circus, dance, theatre…. Above all, beauty, intimacy and sensitivity are in abundance. Daniele Finzi Pasca has written (perhaps without thinking and without intending to) a true learning novel for life.

RHUM & CIA presents EL DIABLO COJUELO (Cía. Nacional de Teatro Clásico – Velvet Events)

The Show

A Vélez de Guevara classic, adapted by Juan Mayorga, performed by a company of clowns. A work with two plots: that of Vélez’s crazy work, and that of a company always on the verge of failing. And this is how characters from the 16th century raise roofs and travel through the lands and airs of a grotesque Spain.

A clown classic? A clown show with classic quotes? No way! A very clownish classic; very clownish and very classic. The naive and wild look of the clown is capable of paying homage to the classic and, at the same time, making fun of it and our relationship with the classics, in general.