The Show

The Franco-Argentine artist Nicanor de Elia, after whom this company is named, has created and choreographed, with music by the Italian Giovanni di Domenico, a fast-paced show that combines juggling and contemporary dance. A cast of artists of diverse nationalities, including the Uruguayan Juan Duarte Mateos, the Brazilian Lucas Castelo Branco, the Argentine Nahuel Desanto, the Spanish Gonzalo Rodríguez Fernández and the French Walid El Yafi, star in a show with such a dose of rhythm and talent that you won’t know where to look.

Five sporty-looking jugglers meet on stage and warm up in front of the audience. The atmosphere evokes Pasolini’s Ragazzi. An absurd anthem sounds and the show begins, while the safety regulations and the rules of the game are explained to the public; references to the world of sport are evident.

Copyleft is the fruit of three years of research. A choreographic show that allows jugglers to adapt to the different situations that spaces can offer. The absurd and humor are added to the performative work, choreographic writing and juggling.