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Bianco su Bianco tells the story of Ruggero and Elena, of the boy’s difficult childhood, of the strength of a friendship that allows them to get through the storm, and of love, that link as magical as it is mysterious, which will support both while they climb one of the highest peaks.

Since its world premiere in Bellinzona (Switzerland) in 2014, the show has had more than 171 performances with more than 38,500 spectators in 48 different cities; in Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Ecuador, France, Chile, Russia, Romania, Uruguay, Brazil, Finland, Tunisia and Denmark.

Circus, dance, theatre…. Above all, beauty, intimacy and sensitivity are in abundance. Daniele Finzi Pasca has written (perhaps without thinking and without intending to) a true learning novel for life.


If a peanut falls into a pool, does it stop being a nut? Pharmacists, are they going full throttle?

One day, when Jordi (that’s his real name) came home, he told his father that he wanted to be a clown. His father told him that when he got off from work, he could do whatever he wanted. And that’s what he did: get out of work. Since then, he has been a carrier, carrying sets from here to there and when he finishes, he acts as a clown.

Bilelula is the modern adaptation of Libèlul·la, a show that was performed inside a tent for 50 people. How we are going to see it is not very important. Toti shows us an emotion, a sound, a way of understanding life. And if a small laugh escapes from the corner of the mouth, at that precise moment… Bilelula takes all its meaning.

A tribute to the figure of Alexander Calder who, without his knowing it, has inspired part of this show.


The Show

A Simple Space has been performed more than 850 times in 34 different countries.

Seven acrobats push their physical capabilities to the limits, without reservations, in a performance that is at once raw, frenetic and delicate. Live percussion music and a performance so intimate you can feel the heat, hear every breath and immerse yourself in the show in every moment.

A Simple Space provokes real responses, more visceral than cerebral, in the audience. Acrobats push their bodies to the limit, lower their guard and openly display their mistakes, failures and weaknesses. Honesty is the essence of A Simple Space.


The Show

Bürstner’s Club is a journey through the contemporary circus. It takes its inspiration from the communal life characteristic of travelling circus companies that still travel the world in the traditional way. There, among the circus tents and caravans, small groups of people face the good and the hardships of life all together, as a family.

The action begins in what appears to be a vacant lot with dreamlike overtones: a car and a caravan delimit the scenic space in a large central corridor. In the same scene and on both sides sits the public who is invited to live an immersive experience with a close and privileged view of the artists. Circus acts are intertwined with everyday scenes of unexpected consequences, hinting that not all is as it seems at Bürstner’s Club.

Seven characters, through various techniques typical of the circus, such as ribbons, ropes, “acroportes”, “icario games”, juggling, balance, carried out with great technical rigour, together with dance, theatre, opera and the surrealist absurdity of the clown, make us part of their concerns, the fear of loneliness, the anguish in the face of emptiness, the complexity of couple relationships, the sensation of tiptoeing through life, and how, from the infinite sharing of moments together, they come to understand each other, accept each other, and strengthen what unites them from their differences. Reconcile with life, his own life.

Although this show is presented on the FRESCORETA! stage, it’s scheduled to start late, as the show is aimed at adult audiences.

RHUM & CIA presents EL DIABLO COJUELO (Cía. Nacional de Teatro Clásico – Velvet Events)

The Show

A Vélez de Guevara classic, adapted by Juan Mayorga, performed by a company of clowns. A work with two plots: that of Vélez’s crazy work, and that of a company always on the verge of failing. And this is how characters from the 16th century raise roofs and travel through the lands and airs of a grotesque Spain.

A clown classic? A clown show with classic quotes? No way! A very clownish classic; very clownish and very classic. The naive and wild look of the clown is capable of paying homage to the classic and, at the same time, making fun of it and our relationship with the classics, in general.


The Show

The Franco-Argentine artist Nicanor de Elia, after whom this company is named, has created and choreographed, with music by the Italian Giovanni di Domenico, a fast-paced show that combines juggling and contemporary dance. A cast of artists of diverse nationalities, including the Uruguayan Juan Duarte Mateos, the Brazilian Lucas Castelo Branco, the Argentine Nahuel Desanto, the Spanish Gonzalo Rodríguez Fernández and the French Walid El Yafi, star in a show with such a dose of rhythm and talent that you won’t know where to look.

Five sporty-looking jugglers meet on stage and warm up in front of the audience. The atmosphere evokes Pasolini’s Ragazzi. An absurd anthem sounds and the show begins, while the safety regulations and the rules of the game are explained to the public; references to the world of sport are evident.

Copyleft is the fruit of three years of research. A choreographic show that allows jugglers to adapt to the different situations that spaces can offer. The absurd and humor are added to the performative work, choreographic writing and juggling.


The Show

A contra libre version of Hamlet, written and directed by Chela De Ferrari.

A group of people with Down’s syndrome take to the stage to share their hopes and frustrations through a freeing version of Hamlet.

The play is a merging of Shakespeare’s text and the contributions and experiences of the actors, and takes its starting point at the most famous question in history, which places us in front of the mirror of our existence: To be or not to be? What does it mean to be for people who do not find spaces where they are taken into account?

Historically, people with Down’s Syndrome have been considered a burden, a social waste. What value and meaning does their existence have today in a world where efficiency, production capacity and unattainable models of consumption and beauty are the paradigm of human beings?


The Show

Nacho Vilar Producciones and Yllana have come together to create Glubs: the first street show conceived by Yllana in its thirty years of existence and the sixth by the Murcian production company.

Glubs is bathed in the company’s characteristic humor. Without words, it’s a very visual show and has a frenetic rhythm, with the proximity with the spectators adding to the immersion in the show.

After a spectacular shipwreck, four sailors appear disoriented on land, with a single objective: to find a port to set sail as soon as possible. In this epic, they will fish for sharks, survive storms, fight in hilarious battles and drag viewers into a cascade of wacky and absurd situations set against the backdrop of the alluring world of the sea.


The Show

With 25 years of experience, Aracaladanza, directed by Enrique Cabrera, is a benchmark in the creation of shows for children and young people that also seduce adults.

In its new work, Loop, the company starts with the idea of the game to develop its fascinating universe, in which the magic created with choreography, light, costumes and scenery transforms reality.

What remains of a performance after the applause ends, just as the curtain falls? What is left when just a light illuminates a space? And when there is no one left in the stalls, who picks up and tidies the stage?

What is an empty stage like?

Aracaladanza tries to answer all these questions through a stage that is presented as a blank canvas, and where the main idea is to create a piece of theatre within the theatre, and dance within dance; a metatheatrical game, Aracaladanza’s trademark.

The show is here as part of FRESCA! so we can include the whole family as much as possible, without losing sight of the adult who wants to dream forever. 


The Show

Peix is ​​a one-person show, balancing ladder acrobatics, music and the theatricality of the clown. The artist invites us to reflect, through the poetry of the absurd and the clown, on the impact of tourism, the power struggle, emptiness, silence and loneliness in the face of immensity, on the ridiculousness of being great and the longing to be little ones.

Peix is ​​a metaphorical journey into the human depths to search for what makes us keep swimming, searching, rowing, despite the magnitude and always unpredictable surprising strength of the waves. In 2019 it received the Fira Tàrrega Moritz Award for the Best Street Theatre Premiere.